Where I came from:

I grew up in the northwest suburbs of Chicago and began my career modeling, eventually branching out to doing commercials and industrial training films. After starting out in Chicago, eventually I had clients throughout the midwest, and expanded  into the Toronto & Montreal markets where I also had family. In the late 90’s, I took a break from the film industry to finally get my long awaited bachelors degree & sit out the SAG strike & resulting lull in the industry

My Motivation:

In the past several years, I’ve come to realize I have a talent that has merit & value, and should be used for more than to just pay the bills, and that has redirected my purpose in pursuing this career. I know what I do is a skill, but it is also a gift that has been given to me. I want to take this gift & use it to affect others. I look for roles where my character has to go on a journey of sorts, I love portraying real people, with real challenges & real issues.  As to “bad” characters, I think they can be the most interesting if they have a quality that may make someone think, and that there might be hope for them after all. We all need hope, and we can reach so many through film.

Where I’m heading:

I’ve gotten hooked on good projects with redemptive themes. The faith based market is alive & growing by leaps and bounds, I want to be on the forefront to reach those in need, not just “preach to the choir”. Families have problems, Life is daily challenge, let’s show that and that we can get over it! I’m so excited to be Executive Producing Take Me With You.  Michael McClendon has written an awesome screenplay, and has agreed to direct this feature, loosely based on my own story.

Recent News:

Stand Your Ground is now available at Walmart, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and was just released VOD. I have the starring role of Jackie Carpenter, whose world was turned upside down when her son was put on trial for felony murder. So thrilled that I’ve been invited back for more of ABC’s hit Nashville (4th season)  as Sandra Barkley, Avery’s mom. Some recent titles I’ve worked on, Trew Calling (dir. Greg Robins) In Gramps Shoes, (Walmart),  My Dream Beside me, filmed in Buffalo NY, with Jeff Rose (directed by Greg Robbins), Necessary Roughness with John Stamos, Scott Cohen, and Callie Thorne.

Coming up:
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